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Jinx 3

the jinx 3 game screenshot

Point and click has never been a challenging genre, or even a particularly exciting one, but the Jinx series has had something to say about my distrust towards this style of game, and it is me that has been found wanting. My mistake was not discovering the series sooner, and Jinx 3: Escape from Area 52 has remedied this quite substantially. A point-and-click game with humour and style, it takes you on a puzzling and engaging adventure, and apologises for nothing along the way. 

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Cash Grows on Trees in Greedy Ghouls

Bizarre Games: Greedy Ghouls

Regardless of what society or culture you have been in, no matter what kind of people raised you up, and no matter what kind of education you may have had as a child, you are likely to have heard this one simple concept over and over again: "money does not grow on trees". Sure, the figures of speech vary depending on where you live, but the concept is the same, you cannot earn unless you do something.

So what happens when you actually stumble upon a tree that literally bears money? In Greedy Ghouls, you must use your newfound source of unlimited financial resources to fight against waves and waves of all sort of bizarre shuriken-throwing creatures. If we had to identify what they are, we would have to say ninja-ghoul-ghosts (since they look like ghosts, the game calls them ghouls and as we just said, they throw ninja stars).

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The House 2

the house 2 screenshot

This game isn't for those with a nervous disposition or a temperament that is anything less than unshakable since The House 2 will take your temperament douse it in milk with view to having it for breakfast. Surely a point-and-click horror game can't be that scary, can it? I wouldn't be so sure.

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House of Dead Ninjas

house of dead ninjas screenshot

It is rare to find a game that incorporates quite so many styles of gaming as House of Dead Ninjas, with a ‘reach the bottom’ style similar to Falldown, a platforming-like structure, some old-school Snes graphics and a ninja to lead to greatness. This is alternative ninja school 101, where time is of the essence and throwing stars are at the ready; the question is, can you reach the bottom in time?

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Phantom Mansion 2: The Arabian Sea

Phantom Mansion 2 screenshot

If you’re going to purposely enter a haunted mansion in search of treasure, you might as well have some fun with it, right? Hector the treasure hunter be back in the latest compendium of puzzles that require a little deductive reasoning and a level of patience that depends on your proficiency at problem-solving. 

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paladog screenshot

It isn’t the fact that you get to defeat a whole load of zombies that makes Paladog so interesting to play. It isn’t even the ability to summon your own animal troops to help fight your enemies. It is however, the fact that you get to do all of the above while playing as a dog riding on horseback, not to mention the fact that your canine can use magic, mana and all. If more reasons are needed to give Paladog a try, then you must not have read the preceding words correctly. 

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The House 3

To say that The House 2 is an exceptionally frightening title packed with suspense, tension, and a downright terrifying atmosphere would by all accounts be quite an accurate statement. The moody, monochrome aesthetic mixed with the chilling background melody make for a suspenseful framework on which the visual jig-saw of artefacts and disturbing evidence is situated. The game plays your senses of sight and hearing like a well-tuned piano to achieve an almost unbearable level of tension that makes it almost impossible to refrain from jumping like a startled kangaroo every time a photo frame moves or the floorboards creak. The game was almost so good at setting me on edge that I fear for my ability to ever sleep again should a sequel ever make its way into the world. Even speculating about features that could potentially scare me will likely lead to me actually being scared, but I’m prepared to take that risk to wax some lyrical about some sequel ideas.

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